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Helping musicians, sports teams, and motorcycle charity rides change the world, one event at a time!

Are You Ready to Write Your Success Story ?

Giving to Charity MATTERS

Live, on-stage crowdfunding for charity is an excellent way for musicians and sports teams to impact the world, engage their fans and promote social responsibility. Imagine the difference artists can make on tour by leveraging their music and celebrity to fund their favorite cause and fulfill a local need simultaneously.

Live, On-Stage Crowdfunders

We show up at every concert and perform live, on-stage, leading your audience to donate to your charity beneficiaries.

Our short, live performances are instrumental in creating an engaging and interactive experience for fans, and by leveraging live crowdfunding with inspiring storytelling, we motivate the audience to get excited and contribute to your cause.

Helping you help others is our top priority

What we’ve seen in our 17 years as fundraisers and auctioneers across 700+ events, raising an estimated $130+ Million for charity, is that adding a live, on-stage ask, will double, triple or even quadruple fundraising results.

While charitable giving by individuals continues to grow over time, it has fallen below 70% of all giving for the fourth consecutive year, according to the Giving USA 2022 report.

Because of this, we are bringing charitable giving to the common (wo)men at pre-arranged Live Music Festivals, Concert Tours, Sporting Events, and Motorcycle Rides, making it effortless for everyone to donate with our Live Crowdfunding Guided Appeal Platform (GAP).

  • Professional Auctioneers and Fundraisers

  • 17 Years Earning Funds for Charity

  • 700+ Events Under our Belts

  • $130+ M Raised for Charity

Music and Sports

Music and Sports Fundraising is a way for Musicians and Sports Teams to engage their fans and build a community that comes together to support a common cause. Fans feel connected because they know donations are going to a good cause.

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Charity Rides

Motorcycle Charity Rides can now expand their Event Day Revenues by inspiring a larger audience with our Guided Appeal Platform (GAP) that Inspires Easy-to-Give Gifts through our Digital Wallet 2-Click Fundraising Platform.

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Gala Style Auctioneer

Our Benefit Auctioneer team helps nonprofits, schools and religious organizations ENGAGE, ENTERTAIN and EDUCATE audiences to give more, raise more and help more at live auction events.

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Narrow the GAP

In comparison to gala style fundraising, the Guided Appeal Platform leverages larger audiences at concerts, sporting events, rides, walks and runs raise funds for foundations, and causes.

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GROW Your Charity Impact . . .

Grow your impact at large events with Live, On-Stage Crowdfunding using our Guided Appeal Platform (GAP) along with any fundraising software platform that provides digital wallet payment system with Google Pay, Apple Pay, Paypal, Venmo, Zelle, etc.