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About us . . . 

In recent years, our business model at The Auction Divas has evolved beyond conducting solely live and virtual auctions to include performing live, on-stage crowdfunding activities at concerts, sporting events, and association gatherings.

To better represent our expanded services and offerings today, we've introduced the Live Event Fundraising Brand under The Auction Divas®, LLC Brand. This new focus emphasizes our expertise in large event fundraising, helping organizations maximize their impact through engaging live fundraising experiences.

Music and Sports

aising money during concerts and sporting events serves as effective marketing and promotional activities. By highlighting charitable efforts and community engagement, musicians and teams can generate buzz for future tours, albums, games, and special projects. This not only enhances their public image but also builds stronger connections with fans who appreciate their commitment to social responsibility.

Motorcycle Charity Rides

In addition to peer-to-peer and event registrations, Digital Wallet Fundraising can significantly expand an event's revenue by engaging more spectators, friends, and family to support and contribute. This approach leverages digital platforms to make giving easy and accessible, thereby increasing participation and donations from a broader audience base.

Meet our Founder

Shelly St John

Game - Changer | Live Event Fundraising Expert

As the Founder of The Auction Divas and Live Event Fundraising, Shelly is a seasoned Live Gala Style Auctioneer and On-Stage Crowdfunder, as well as a Keynote Speaker dedicated to helping musicians, bands, sports teams, and nonprofits expand their donor base and boost revenue streams.

With over 750 appearances as a Speaker, Emcee, and Auctioneer, Shelly is highly experienced in engaging audiences. Her entrepreneurial journey spans 22 years in marketing and 18 years specializing in fundraising auctions and live crowdfunding. Throughout her career, she has honed her ability to read audiences and influence their reactions effectively.

Today, Shelly's focus is on inspiring donors, attendees, and large audience ticket holders at all levels to make positive decisions and take action in support of those in need.

“You were amazing Shelly. In the days leading up to our event, you worked so closely and kindly with all the speakers so that they could get their message out in a clean, professional style. Your personal performance was vulnerable and authentic, yet with an extremely powerful message”

- Andrea Pinto, Organizer, TEDx LagoadasPatas

Stand up and take a bow, Shelly!! What a marvelous job you did at the Colorado Tennis Awards Event a couple of weeks ago! You stepped up on that stage, took control and rocked the house! You were in command, you entertained and bottomline, you raised awareness for the very deserving Colorado Youth Tennis Foundation. It was a very impressive performance and your efforts will surely do lots of good for so many . . .”

- Wayne Bryan, Tennis Coach, Author and Speaker

“Thank you for being our BADASS speaker, auctioneer and entertainer extraordinaire Shelly. You worked with our team for months to help us plan, polish our perfect our event, and you quickly won our praises, our hearts and our admiration when you engaged our community to support us at levels we never anticipated.”

- Madi Weisberg, Skyland Corp

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Videos tell the story...

While a website can give you information, videos tell the real story.

Shelly St John

Auctioneer Reel

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Shelly St John

Speaker Reel

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Shelly St John


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George Takei

Event Honoree

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Tony Robbins

Event Donor

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Inspiring Event Chemistry

Shelly St John

Inspriing Event Chemistry

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