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Music and Sports Live, On-Stage Crowdfunding  

Music and Sports Change Lives, Inspire Action, and Create Change!

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Giving to Charity MATTERS!

Music and Sports Change Lives, Inspire Action, and Create Change!

Live, on-stage crowdfunding for charity is an excellent way for musicians and sports teams to impact the world, engage their fans and promote social responsibility. Imagine the difference artists can make on tour by leveraging their music and celebrity to fund their favorite cause and fulfill a local need simultaneously.

Live, On-Stage Crowdfunders

We show up at every concert and perform live, on-stage, leading your audience to donate to your charity beneficiaries.

Our short, live performances are instrumental in creating an engaging and interactive experience for fans, and by leveraging live crowdfunding with inspiring storytelling, we motivate the audience to get excited and contribute to your cause.

Who Benefits from Live, On-Stage Crowdfunding

Chart-Topping Artists and National Teams

Charity fundraising creates a powerful connection between the artist's or team's fans and followers, and the communities they visit. It's an opportunity to inspire fans to join them in positively impacting the world through the act of giving.

Emerging Artists/Sports Teams

Charitable giving is a powerful way to promote new artists and teams expose their work to a broader audience. It can expand their fan base and social media presence, garner more air-play and paid downloads, all while contributing to the important causes they care about.

Artist or Sports Team Refresh

Artists and teams who channel their energy and resources into doing good prove to their fans that they are more than just entertainers – they're also agents of positive change. And, by demonstrating their commitment to their causes, their fans become part of that positive change.


  • Media:

  • Live, on-stage crowdfunding will generate greater media attention and coverage, which helps raise the stature the artist or sports team, while creating awareness about the cause and charity beneficiary. Media outlets will also be interested in covering your events live which amplifies your reach and visibility.

  • Fan Engagement:

  • Active or live fundraising creates opportunities for fans to engage directly with the cause and become immediately involved in making a difference. Incorporating storytelling and personalized messaging will foster connection and deepen their loyalty and support for both the artist or team and the causes they support.

  • Community Give Back:

  • Giving back builds a positive impact, and by selecting a charity in each city you tour or play, in addition, to a national foundation, you demonstrate your commitment to each community by addressing their needs, fostering goodwill, building relationships, and strengthening community ties.

  • Your Legacy:

  • This is your time to leave a lasting legacy and develop a positive reputation for the artist, team, and charity beneficiaries. By consistently engaging in philanthropy, you can enhance your reputation as a socially responsible and community-oriented entity. This legacy will extend beyond individual events or tours, positively impacting your image and long-term sustainability.

Post-Concert/Game Opportunities

Post-concert opportunities present valuable ways to maintain engagement with fans and leverage the support generated during the concert fundraising. Here are some potential strategies to consider:

Building or Expanding an Opted-In Contact List:

You'll build or expand a database of engaged (opted-in) supporters by collecting email and text information from fans who donate at each concert. This allows you to communicate with those fans, provide updates, express gratitude, and share exclusive content or sell additional merchandise.

Exclusive Content and Pre-Sales:

This expanded list of fans and donors is a great place to drop exclusive videos, singles, or behind-the-scenes content which keeps them connected and excited about your endeavors. Additionally, you can offer pre-sale opportunities for upcoming events, tours, games, or new releases, giving your donor fans privileged access to special offers.

Donor-Exclusive Merchandise:

Design and offer merchandise that is only available to your donor community. This creates a sense of exclusivity and appreciation for their support while providing them with unique items to showcase their connection to your brand and cause.

Ongoing Fundraising:

Maintain a fundraising element even after your tour or game concludes. Create campaigns or initiatives encouraging donations and support for the causes you champion. This can involve setting specific goals or challenges and engaging fans in friendly competitions between cities to further incentivize their involvement.

Recognition for the Most Generous City:

Show appreciation for the city that demonstrated exceptional generosity during the tour. This could involve a special post-tour thank-you message, recognition on social media or your website, or even a unique event or experience dedicated to the fans from that city.

Why Implement Post-Concert Strategies:

This is your time to nurture your fan and donor community, keep them engaged, and create a sense of exclusivity and ongoing connection. It's important to continuously communicate with your fans, express gratitude, and offer them exciting opportunities to stay involved and support your endeavors.

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